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June 20, 2011

You Gotta Make a Living!

Capitalism is a tricky system - not always nice to the under-dogs.  It seems you need money to make money, so how does a beginner get ahead in this kind of system?

You know how to do makeup, which is great, but do you know how to make a living at it?

We take talented artists and prepare them for the business of Makeup...it's the difference between doing makeup and making a living!

Apply for the Mentee Program today and receive one-on-one personal consultations that give you all the answers to the burning questions you have about the makeup industry and the business side of production.

We tell you everything and stand with you through your entire career!


Spring Super - Owner/Mentor


June 17, 2009

Makeup Mentor...We've Got Lift-Off!

Makeup Mentor Launches at the Makeup Show 2009

The chatter of attendees at this year's Makeup Show was charged with enthusiasm and optimism about the new kid on the block, Makeup Mentor. Makeup artists, students and business owners alike saw Makeup Mentor as a positive addition to the industry.

Artists were enthusiastic about The Mentee Program, expressing emphatically that something like this program has been long overdue. Shannon Thompson, a Film, Theater and Special Effects artist of 13 years wrote, "There is a HUGE need for guidance in this industry. I wish I had someone help me when I started."

Spring Super started this company to fill the void of business experience that exists amongst many makeup artists today. It is holding them back from making a living at their dreams, even if they are great artists! We believe that is not fair and every single person deserves to make a living, preferably doing what they love. We do everything in our power to help.

The experiences we have had with Mentees have been wonderful and very gratifying. We see immediate results and so much progress, so quickly. The proof in the pudding, so-to-speak, as every single one of our clients has this experience.

We believe we've got it right, we believe we have Lift Off!



Nov. 30, 2008

Embryolisse - pronounced embryo-leez

Never before had someone in my makeup chair asked me "Mmmm, what moisturizer was that", until I used Embryolisse Lait- Creme. Now it happens every time!

My first experience with Embryolisse was at Fashion Week earlier this year. I am always snooping around other MUA kits backstage to see who has what. Let me tell you, Embryolisse is the new black. It was everywhere. Of course I went right out, got me a tube, and haven't gone a day without it since.

Almost every single person I put this product on is visibly impressed, and is compelled to ask about it. I was asked about it so often and it was so hard to find that I started carrying samples for my clients. It's now available in select pharmacies in Manhattan but can be more easily purchased online, at Temptu and Alcone.

This is a product whose reputation has been built by word of mouth. Professionals used it and loved it. They told everyone, those people told everybody, and now it's all anyone is talking about. People are pointing it out to me saying how great it is. Funny how these things work.

It has now been featured in many beauty magazines as the 'new big thing'. Judging by personal experience and feedback from clients, this product and the entire line does something incredible, it works. It's great for any skin type and has neutral packaging, which makes it appealing to men, as well as women.

Another must have for home and kit!




April 26, 2008

Airbrush...an artist must have!

Never has there been more controversy amongst makeup artists as there is around the question of airbrushing. Some believe it's the only way to apply foundation, while others resent it or maybe just fear it. Perhaps it's the use of machinery and a device called a gun that is intimidating?

Regardless of your position on the question of airbrushing as a tool for makeup artists, the medium is flourishing and is often a requirement for a professional artist to have in her arsenal of skills. If it is not going anywhere, best to know what's out there, what works...and more importantly, what doesn't!

I have been using and instructing airbrush for many years and found that if you do not use the right products, your experience can be horrible. Using the right products makes all the difference. Complaints of issues such as dryness and cracking, flatness, bad skin color choices are usually what I hear from artists who have airbrushed, and claim it does not work for them.

Because airbrushing is still a niche in our industry, I've found that the products available vary extremely from brand to brand. It seems that little product development has been put into airbrushing by most of the major brands and their products are less effective next to the smaller developers who have been doing it longer and specialize.

Temptu Airbrush, from my experience as a customer, is the best in more ways than one. Most importantly, they specialize in airbrush cosmetics. Everything is made for the skin including formulas for foundations, temporary tattoos and other special effects. They have a luxurious silicone based airbrush foundation that is far superior to any other brands...hands down! The finish and soft focus glow is truly beautiful and comes in colors for all ethnicities and undertones. Other brands I have tried are usually water based and dry or silicone based but don't have the tone or finish of Temptu.

One of Temptu's best traits is their customer service. Staffed with working artists, all with at least a decade of experience in the industry, anyone you speak with will be able to help you with even the most complex project. They love to help and always come through in a makeup emergency!

My advice, try airbrush with Temptu before deciding. Airbrushing opens the door to more creativity, control and speed. It's a great tool to have in your kit!

COME See Me...I will be teaching Temptu Airbrush classes at The International Beauty Show April 27 - 29, 2008 at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York, NY!